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Daki and Frigo pvt skype chats!

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Daki and Frigo pvt skype chats! Empty Daki and Frigo pvt skype chats!

Post  Daki Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:39 am

Ok some interesting parts of chats here... please look at dates of conversations. Here we go:

Time we are discussing who to face... Smile there are bunch of talks about it, that goes even in earlier dates... You will see part where we clearly say that going for MDS would be boring thing for server.

[19:13:53] le-frigo: [10.09.2012 08:58:11] le-frigo: think wild attacks didnt happen, might not happen
[10.09.2012 08:58:16] le-frigo: but one week waiting cant be wrong
[10.09.2012 08:58:22] le-frigo: just to see them stuck in another war
[10.09.2012 08:58:31] le-frigo: looking at their armies wars might be short though
[10.09.2012 09:00:45] Vladimir Damjanović: yes agree
[10.09.2012 09:00:55] Vladimir Damjanović: i mean no reason for us to go cross quad just yet
[10.09.2012 09:00:59] Vladimir Damjanović: but in reality
[10.09.2012 09:01:06] Vladimir Damjanović: wild is far stronger then anyone else
[10.09.2012 09:02:54] le-frigo: well we need way bigger armies to challenge them but theirs will also grow... though i have no doubt they will fight us all... all three quads
[10.09.2012 09:03:53] Vladimir Damjanović: yup
[10.09.2012 09:04:07] Vladimir Damjanović: but ye they will fight all 3 quads
[10.09.2012 09:04:17] Vladimir Damjanović: and what i think is that they will win in the end against all 3 Smile
[10.09.2012 09:04:23] Vladimir Damjanović: not that other 3 quads are shit
[10.09.2012 09:04:27] Vladimir Damjanović: but they are way too good
[10.09.2012 12:15:05] le-frigo: i can .D
[10.09.2012 12:15:44] Vladimir Damjanović: hey
[10.09.2012 12:15:46] Vladimir Damjanović: tell me
[10.09.2012 12:15:52] Vladimir Damjanović: what do you think of current situation on server
[10.09.2012 12:15:54] Vladimir Damjanović: and how we should act
[10.09.2012 12:16:04] le-frigo: well, get aggressive and fight
[10.09.2012 12:16:11] Vladimir Damjanović: ofc
[10.09.2012 12:16:12] le-frigo: i need to be on more often or lead a bit stricter
[10.09.2012 12:16:13] Vladimir Damjanović: but with who
[10.09.2012 12:16:21] le-frigo: well can only be wild tbh
[10.09.2012 12:16:29] Vladimir Damjanović: that is what i think as well
[10.09.2012 12:16:30] Vladimir Damjanović: i mean
[10.09.2012 12:16:32] Vladimir Damjanović: if we go for mds
[10.09.2012 12:16:39] Vladimir Damjanović: server is piss easy for wild then Very Happy
[10.09.2012 12:16:40] le-frigo: the server got defeated by wild
[10.09.2012 12:16:54] Vladimir Damjanović: i think it will be wild win even if all 3 quads team up honestly
[10.09.2012 12:17:01] Vladimir Damjanović: but at least it will be more interesting then
[10.09.2012 12:17:11] Vladimir Damjanović: so question is what we do with mds
[10.09.2012 12:17:26] le-frigo: i dont really bother about MDS
[10.09.2012 12:17:32] Vladimir Damjanović: what i mean is
[10.09.2012 12:17:35] Vladimir Damjanović: we can act on our own against wild
[10.09.2012 12:17:41] Vladimir Damjanović: and don't care what other quads do
[10.09.2012 12:17:42] Vladimir Damjanović: or
[10.09.2012 12:17:51] Vladimir Damjanović: we can do some talking with mds and USMR as well
[10.09.2012 12:18:00] Vladimir Damjanović: to act in same fashion
[10.09.2012 12:18:15] le-frigo: hm i think we act alone
[10.09.2012 12:18:28] le-frigo: if we see that we start first, we still can ask mds for def
[10.09.2012 12:18:37] Vladimir Damjanović: i mean
[10.09.2012 12:18:40] Vladimir Damjanović: onle efficient way
[10.09.2012 12:18:44] le-frigo: i dont know SW and their plans. dont trust them and dont trust Wild too much
[10.09.2012 12:18:47] Vladimir Damjanović: in sense to make for wild hard
[10.09.2012 12:18:56] le-frigo: wild claims it is all MDS, but the former MDS branch isnt existing anymore
[10.09.2012 12:18:58] Vladimir Damjanović: is that all 3 quads hit and fight against wild at same time
[10.09.2012 12:19:11] Vladimir Damjanović: what do you mean former mds
[10.09.2012 12:19:11] Vladimir Damjanović: well
[10.09.2012 12:19:16] Vladimir Damjanović: mds changed
[10.09.2012 12:19:21] Vladimir Damjanović: lot of old people quited
[10.09.2012 12:19:27] le-frigo: well the SW wing of MDS with the former MDS players in it
[10.09.2012 12:19:29] Vladimir Damjanović: it is not what it used to be
[10.09.2012 12:19:32] Vladimir Damjanović: ah you talk f that
[10.09.2012 12:19:41] Vladimir Damjanović: well
[10.09.2012 12:19:43] Vladimir Damjanović: anyway
[10.09.2012 12:19:46] le-frigo: so basically also from what i know from wild chats:
[10.09.2012 12:19:50] Vladimir Damjanović: do you think we should chit chat with mds a bit
[10.09.2012 12:20:09] le-frigo: mds used to have influence, now atm usm or how they are called wouldnt coorporate with wild as wild is just too strong
[10.09.2012 12:20:20] le-frigo: dont like their thing with horsemen
[10.09.2012 12:20:33] le-frigo: so my idea is pretty much: get 10 armies of 100k
[10.09.2012 12:20:37] le-frigo: rush for them
[10.09.2012 12:20:39] le-frigo: or 80k
[10.09.2012 12:20:49] le-frigo: and then hit on Wild in all intensity we can
[10.09.2012 12:20:54] le-frigo: if we ask MDS for def, that s fine
[10.09.2012 12:20:59] le-frigo: but not more

Time of our first contact with U-:

[19:26:28] le-frigo: who is 9dots?
[06.10.2012 14:11:50] le-frigo: ah
[06.10.2012 14:11:51] le-frigo: Very Happy
[06.10.2012 14:11:52] le-frigo: SW
[06.10.2012 14:12:00] Vladimir Damjanović: one you ve been talking to
[06.10.2012 14:12:02] Vladimir Damjanović: Very Happy
[06.10.2012 14:13:09] Vladimir Damjanović: you got him on skype finnaly?
[06.10.2012 14:14:01] le-frigo: yes
[06.10.2012 14:14:03] le-frigo: he added me now


Point that we planned for attacks on Wild to be just temporary thing:

[19:27:52] le-frigo: [09.10.2012 14:25:47] le-frigo: i mean we have like 50 armies hitting first round
[09.10.2012 14:25:54] le-frigo: i still cant judge on MDS as they seem weird
[09.10.2012 14:26:03] Vladimir Damjanović: you cant be sure how things will go out
[09.10.2012 14:26:04] Vladimir Damjanović: becuase
[09.10.2012 14:26:05] le-frigo: do they have a clue on how to do their off planning?
[09.10.2012 14:26:20 | Bearbeitet 14:26:29] Vladimir Damjanović: keeping coordination of 3 quads to hit wild for month
[09.10.2012 14:26:32] Vladimir Damjanović: will be hard
[09.10.2012 14:26:45] Vladimir Damjanović: it is very questonable if that will last for month Smile
[09.10.2012 14:26:53] Vladimir Damjanović: at proper pace of hitting
[09.10.2012 14:29:38] le-frigo: hm we will do 3-5 rounds i would say
[09.10.2012 14:29:52] le-frigo: i mean we cant hit more villages than what we can do in like 15 rounds Wink
[09.10.2012 14:30:00] le-frigo: anyway we should just watch and see

[09 October, 2012 14:33] le-frigo: i dont even mind stoping attacks at some point and turning on wild
on MDS i mean— le-frigo, 09 October, 2012 14:33
[09 October, 2012 14:33] Vladimir Damjanović: yes same— Vladimir Damjanović, 09 October, 2012 14:33

There will be more when we go in bit more detail through our ex chats. Smile


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